Where We Operate

USA Compression provides its compression services throughout many of the prolific producing areas in the U.S., and over the past decade or so has focused its operations and capital in a number of unconventional resource plays throughout the country, including shales and other tight crude oil and natural gas plays. In particular, USA Compression has a large operating presence in the following areas: Utica and Marcellus, Permian and Delaware basins, Eagle Ford, Fayetteville, Woodford, Mississippi Lime, Granite Wash, Barnett and Haynesville shales. Collectively, these areas account for much of the growth in natural gas and oil production over the last decade. Given that the demand for our compression services is driven by domestic production of natural gas and oil, we will continue to focus our operations and activities in the areas of attractive production growth, which are generally found in these unconventional resource plays.

While our business focuses largely on compression services serving infrastructure installations, including centralized natural gas gathering systems and processing facilities, which utilize large horsepower compression units, typically in shale plays, we also provide compression services in more mature conventional basins, including gas lift applications on crude oil wells targeted by horizontal drilling techniques. We are currently focused on our existing service areas; however our customers have compression demands in other areas of the U.S. in conjunction with their field development projects, and we continually consider expansion of our areas of operation in the U.S. based upon the level of customer demand.